Two 80 Ton OGF Presses with Tool Plate

Two massive 80 ton OGF (open gap frame) presses are going to be used by a Tier One automotive supplier. Phoenix has standard OGF Presses ranging from 5 to 200 tons. The application of the presses is for metal stamping and will be joining eight other Phoenix presses at this location.

The press frames include a four post upper guided tool plate (LR 30” x FB 20”), four heavy duty press mounts and a bed (LR 30” x FB 25”). Additional frame specifications call for an 18” daylight, cylinder stroke of 10”, and reach of 14”.

The hydraulic specifications include 52 and 21 GPM vane pumps at 1800 RPM, manifold mounted valves, return line filters, thermostatic water regulating valve. The press is driven by a 40 HP high efficiency motor. Electronically we installed an Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1500 (two communication ports) PLC with outputs for starter solenoid valves on an added output card.

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