150 Ton Four Column Press with Hydraulic Slide Table

Phoenix built this highly specialized press with a slide table to measure force and accuracy for a first tier automotive supplier.

Pressure settings are selected electronically through a GE 9030 programmable controller. The operator interface is mounted on a swing arm for the operator.

The press capabilities includes a range of force from 1,000 to 300,000 pounds, the press accuracy is able to be measured between 33,900 pounds to 300,000 pounds. Measurements are taken at low, medium and high forces.

Additionally the press measured position reversal accuracy of .050″+/.015″ and force reversal accuracy of +/- 1,000 pounds at low,medium and high forces.

Mechanically the press was machined so that the ram platen wear platen and table surfaces are flat within .002″ per foot. The ram wear platen and table surfaces are parallel within .015″ under full force load centered within 2″ of the centerline.