8 Ton C-Frame Precision Assembly Press

This custom engineered 8 ton C-Frame Floor Press was design to assemble bearings with exact precision.  The press is equipped with an Allen Bradley Micro Logix 1100 PLC system and an Allen Bradley PanelView plus 600 6” color touch screen for controlling press operations.  The touch screen provides an easy interface for value point settings, recipe storage, data collection, and even step-by-step operator instructions.  A shuttle table with locating fixtures provides easy access for loading and unloading parts.

The press was designed with several quality measures to ensure part consistency.  A linear transducer is used for ram position feedback, and a load cell verifies actual pressing force.  The actual pressing force is graphically displayed beginning when the bearing makes contact with the part and captures the maximum force an instant before the ram bottoms out. A bushing locator fixture automatically locates and adjusts the part for proper alignment before the bearing is assembled.  After assembly is complete, a pneumatic system checks bushing and hole alignment and automatically accepts or rejects the part.

Safety features include side expanded metal guards, front light guards, and an emergency stop button.

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Frame Style

C-Frame (OGF—Open Gap Frame) Floor Press




Bearing Assembly