40 Ton H-Frame Press

Our customer needed to flatten plates before they were welded into assemblies. We designed the cylinder to be mounted on rollers so that it can be easily and quickly moved over the width of the bed. The frame is also mounted on rollers, and is moved by one person the length of the bed. The press features a 108″ table length and 42″ width between uprights. The bed to straightening block is 32″ x 29″. The area of the table, covered by cylinder is 36″ x 96″.

A pressure sensitive control system was developed for the customer. The system provided a single control lever for the righthand and push buttons for the left hand (no tie down). The system permits the operator to handle the work piece with the ram in a selected holding pattern, with hands removed from the controls.

This customer is located in North Carolina.

Complete press specifications are available upon request.