Multiple Heated Platen Bonding Press

Frame Style: Two-Column Special
Tonnage: 4 – 30 Ton presses
Application: Bonding

Features:  This unit was custom designed to improve the cycle times for bonding a paper material to a metallic ring.  The unit, or cell, consists of four 30 ton presses individually driven by a single power unit. Each of the four presses feature 13” × 14” heated platens with insulation on the bottom and side, capable of reaching working temperatures up to 700 degrees.  The cells were designed to build pressure on one press while allowing movement of the next press platen, improving cycle times.

The cell is controlled by an Allen Bradley 505 programmable controller with an Allen Bradly Panel View 1000 operator interface to control machine functions.  The 150 gallon hydraulic reservoir is floor mounted and has spin on filters.

This cell can be designed in a variety of tonnages and engineered to meet custom specifications and applications.  Phoenix Hydraulic Presses can also equip this cell with a complete automation system to simplify your manufacturing process.