30-Ton G-Frame Press Features Pivoting Bed Beam

This unique press is another example of a custom press produced for our customer’s processes. This press is a 30 ton G frame press that has a bed beam that pivots to allow clearance between the bottom of the bed beam and frame to allow for part loading. A pneumatic cylinder is used to pivot the bed beam. The bed beam is designed for recessed loading and is attached to the customer’s upper tool and is fully retractable.

The press controller is an Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1000. The operator hold ergonomic switches, the ram advances until a prepositioned limit switch is contacted, the ram reverses automatically (distance reversal) or when the ram contacts the work and builds to a preset pressure.  The ram reverses automatically (pressure reversal)

As standard with all Phoenix Presses are ergonomic switches, wiring protected in conduit, hydraulic lines clamped to reduce shock and vibration to reduce stresses in the frame.