20 Ton Floor Mounted C Frame Press

Our customer had a difficult assembly operation that pressed rubber discs into an iron tube. Speed and accuracy was needed.

We provided our customer with a 20 ton floor mounted C frame press with a two station slide table. The two post guided tool plate is attached to the ram for greater accuracy. The slide table was hydraulically with a manual flow control valve to control the table speed. The two stations of the table were located by shot pins. The table moves on bronze ways, with 7′ centers. Special feature included the ability to load/unload on either side of the table. A press speed control system was added with a manual flow control valve to adjust speed. The flow control is by passed on ram return.

Dimensions of the slide table are 40” daylight, width and depth 24” x 18”, table to floor 36”. Press control is a Micrologix 1000.