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Phoenix Hydraulics Under New Ownership

We're excited to announce a change of ownership at Phoenix Hydraulic Presses, your trusted manufacturer of heavy duty hydraulic presses, custom-engineered to meet your exact needs. Phoenix Hydraulic Presses has a rich history of designing and manufacturing hydraulic presses dating back to 1987 when PH Hydraulics purchased a line of hydraulic presses from Shuler Manufacturing of...
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Hydraulic Press Refurbishing Services

You may have older presses that are now in need of rebuilding, repair and upgrades. Phoenix Hydraulics is the answer to your hydraulic press refurbishing needs. We will replace, rebuild and/or refurbish:
  • lines and fittings
  • cleaning valves
  • reservoirs
  • surfaces
  • all hydraulic valves
  • O rings
  • hydraulic lines and fittings
  • damaged gauges
  • cylinder rod assembly

Rebuild, Repair or Upgrade Existing...

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Four Two-Column 100-Ton Presses with Heated Plates

Hydraulic Press with Heated Plate

Four Two Column 100-Ton Presses with single Power Unit, Light Curtains, Safety Die Blocks and Heated plates for Tier 1 Automotive Industry. The heated platens heat up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Phoenix Hydraulic Presses SO# 30241-30244.

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