Introducing Phoenix Hydraulics Certified Used Hydraulic Presses

Shop our existing stock of Certified Used Hydraulic Presses.

In Stock Used Hydraulic Presses

We have recycled the sturdy press frame, and refitted it with all new components and features. Currently we have a 4-ton hydraulic press with a one-year parts warranty for just $9,200.

Create Your Own Used Hydraulic Press on Your Old Frame

For existing customers with a Phoenix press on your floor: Let us update or repurpose your older press. Send the press back to Phoenix Hydraulics, and we will clean up the press, build all new hydraulics, electronics and cylinders. You will save money by reusing your frame, and by having certified, warrantied parts.

We know our presses are built to last. Some of you have Phoenix presses that have been on your manufacturing floor to 20 years! Instead of spending money maintaining them, save money by reusing the frame and replacing the parts that can wear and become outdated.

Contact us today with your specifications, and let us rebuild and certify your used press!

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