Rebuild & Refurbished

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Press Rebuilding

Phoenix Hydraulic Presses, Inc. will completely rebuild or upgrade your hydraulic press- no matter the original make. Our rebuilt hydraulic presses and used hydraulic presses include used bench presses, air presses and all types of hydraulic press models.

Phoenix Hydraulic Presses completely overhauled five hydraulic presses for an automotive supplier. As a part of the rebuild Phoenix replaced broken or worn parts, cleaned the entire press, and fixed all leaks. All of the hydraulic valves were disassembled, cleaned, and replaced with new o-rings. Hydraulic lines and fittings were replaced entirely. Damaged gauges and the cylinder rod gland assembly were completely replaced. After cleaning, rust removal, and new paint, the presses passed Phoenix’s rigorous testing and run-off procedure.

Upgrade Your Press to a PHOENIX Press

If you already have a press that could get the job done but has seen better days, consider rebuilding as a cost effect alternative to buying a new press. Rebuilding or upgrading machine functions may be the best option for getting equipment in service as fast as possible. Phoenix can rebuild and upgrade any brand or style of hydraulic press.

Common Rebuilding Services Include:

  • Replacing hydraulic lines and fittings
  • Cleaning valves, reservoir, press surfaces
  • Adding or replacing operator interface
  • Building new panel and enclosure
  • Replacing damaged or worn parts
  • Complete hydraulic system rebuild
  • Upgrading machine functions
  • Adding capabilities
  • Re-machining bed of press
  • Painting entire press

In addition consider trading us your old hydraulic press for a credit against a new one. We often have used presses available for sale, just ask and we may have what you need. For service help or other assistance contact us.

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