Phoenix Hydraulic Presses  has designed a turnkey system that combines a designedhorizontalpress with four ton cylinders on each end and special work holder tooling that will clamp and locate automotive components known as knuckles.  There are a total of eleven variants that the tooling needs to accommodate.  Each variant gets two components pressed into it: a tapered roller bearing and a plain bushing.

The work holding tooling utilizes a hydraulic actuator to clamp and locate the knuckles within the press structure.  Additional stand offs and initial locating features will be included for knuckle placement prior to clamp cylinder actuation.  Also the tooling has custom rod end adapters to receive the tapered roller bearings and plain bushing bores.

The press operates by initiation of the ergonomic switches and the ram advances until the work is contacted and pressure builds up.  The ram instantaneously builds up pressure until the until the applied force reaches the preset pressure and causes the ram to reverse automatically (pressure reversal) or contacts the positive stop on the cylinder and reverses automatically (positive stop reversal).  The ergonomic switches must be released to start a new cycle.  The return stroke is adjustable and offers electric jogging is included for the set-up.  Each of the two cylinders has a prox switch with an adjustable stroke.  Both rams advance until the work is contacted

All press and motor controls switches are located at the operator station.  The press is safe guarded by a 3’ light curtain mounted across the front and 3’ expanded metal guarding on the sides and back of the press.

Control Switches

Front View

Rear View

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