Roll-Bed Presses – Press Conference Summer ’09

Roll-bed Presses

Phoenix is pleased to announce our new product a roll bed press for easy loading and
unloading of heavy parts with a crane or other lifting parts. The design of the press
includes a moveable work head that glides from side to side for full off center load
capacity across the width of the upper frame. The presses come in four tonnages 80, 100,
150 and 200 tons.

Daylight is 50” x 60” on the 80 and 100 ton models and 51.25” x 64” on the 150 and 200
ton models.

The press has a fast approach of a double acting cylinder 13.13” stroke is provided with a
quiet electrical hydraulic pump with a remote control hand switch. Operator can view
work from all sides with finger tip control of cylinder piston travel.

Sold separately is heavy duty straightening fixtures. The fixtures are accurate to within
.004”! Rollers are ball bearing mounted and handle raises or lowers for easy turning of
the work.

Pictured are Mike Gardner of Phoenix and Reinhard Honzak of SEW Eurodrive
reviewing one of the two roll bed press recently delivered to their Troy Ohio plant. The
presses are being used to press gears into motors.

Prices for our roll bed presses start at $26,930 for our 80 ton model.

Low tonnage presses at great prices!

We are introducing a 10 ton H Frame and a 25 ton.
The H frame press which can also be used as a bench press is ideal for small pressing
jobs: repairing small motors, armatures, removing and installing gears, bearings and other
press fit parts. Used as a bench press the work area is 15 3/8” x 18”. Configured as a
floor press the height is adjustable from 5” to 41” with a horizontal daylight of 21”
The base price of or EBP1010 series starts at $1,506
We are also introducing a 25 ton “Economy” Maintenance Press.
Rugged yet reasonably priced this press will handle many “big press” tasks and perfect
for many of the “in between” jobs you see almost daily. The press has a large working
area under cylinder (46.50” max x 30.00” wide) makes positioning of even bulky pieces

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