Phoenix Hydraulic Autumn 2014 News

Phoenix rolls out the autumn season not only with the recent launch of the brand new website, but also a completely redesigned Winter 2014 Press Conference.  The Phoenix Hydraulic Autumn 2014 Press Conference, now available for print and download.

In this season’s Press Conference, we cover several of our top rated hydraulic press machines.

  • The 25 Ton Four Column Up-Acting Hydraulic Press, which is used for testing polymers and adhesives for an Ohio based company.
  • A custom 30 Ton G-Frame Press that features a pivoting beam to allow clearance between the bottom of the bed beam and frame to allow for part loading.
  • A Compression Press that was custom made for a large manufacturer of off road construction equipment, allowing the user to bring welded tube assemblies back into rounded form before machining.
  • The specialized 150 Ton Four Column Press with hydraulic slide table that allows an automotive supplier to measure force and accuracy.
  • A customized Open Gap Frame (OGF) Floor Mounted Press that allows a manufacturer of electric motors to position a shaft into a rotor with high precision.

It is our goal to present our custom press designs and related press maintenance services in a modern and user friendly manner.  Phoenix Hydraulic hopes that you find our new website and Press Conference design to be useful, educational, and easy to understand.

Autumn 2014 Press Conference – for web viewing | for printing

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