Now get 10% off on all H-Frame hydraulic presses!

Custom H-Frame Hydraulic Press 150 - 200 Ton H-Frame PressTo celebrate the holidays, we would like to invite you to benefit from our new 10% off sale and grab huge savings on all Phoenix Hydraulic H-Frame presses!

Phoenix Hydraulic offers a wide variety of H-Frame presses that are already manufactured, as well as customization services of your existing H-Frame hydraulic presses.  Whatever your application, we can help you by making it cost-effective and efficient.

For more information and to get your 10% off, contact us today!

Phoenix Hydraulic Presses, Inc.
4299 Reynolds Drive
Hilliard, OH 43026

Telephone: +1 614 850 8940
FAX: +1 614 850 9065

For examples of our H-Frame presses, check out the links below!

General H-Frame InformationCustom H-Frame Hydraulic Press H-Frame 55 Ton Press
H-Frame 10 Ton Bench/Floor Presses
H-Frame 25 Ton Open Throat & Economy Presses
H-Frame 55 Ton Presses
H-Frame 100 Ton Presses
H-Frame 150-200 Ton presses
Roll-Bed Press 80-200 Ton H-Frame Press


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