Customized 150 Ton Roll-Bed Press

World’s leading lift truck manufacturer contracted Phoenix to customize a standard H Frame Roll-Bed Press. An upper ram plate, bolster, safety guards and larger power unit were all adde to the standard press to satisfy the customer’s production requirements for pressing rims into lift truck tires.

Because the weight and size of the truck tires, both a 30” x 30” bolster plate to support the tires and an upper ram plate to push the rims into the tires was added. Both plates were specially designed to be removable. Also, to increase ram speeds, the customer had Phoenix install a larger power unit. The faster speeds will increase production rates.

The press also features extensive safety additions including an electrically interlocked front lift guard with fixed guards on the sides and back of the press. The lift guard must be closed to operate the press.

Standard features of the press include a bed that rolls out for easy loading and unloading and a work head that glides easily from side to side for full off center load capacity.

Other features include an easily adjustable hand winch to change the bed height and a self-locking winch mechanism that prevents the bed from dropping when the handle is released.

The press also features a 115 volt single phase motor that is controlled by a remote hand control with a rocker style switch. The remote includes a 10 foot cord enabling the press operator to view work from all sides with fingertip control of the ram movement.

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