Maintenance Checklist

  • Three Month Checklist

  • Six Month Checklist

  • Nine Month Checklist

  • Twelve Month Checklist

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Helpful Hydraulic Hints:

  1. Use DTE 26 Motor Oil.
  2. If the press will not move, check for right hand motor rotation.
  3. If you press will not return in auto, check the pressure switch for failure or poor connection.
  4. If you have slow advance speed, adjust the counterbalance regen module.

For additional assistance regarding your hydraulic circuit, contact Buz at (614) 850-8940 x112.

Extra Electrical Tips:

  1. To start a cycle, the press must be at the top stop limit switch, the pressure switch must be released, the selector switch set to run and both cycle start pushbuttons pressed at the same time.
  2. If the motor will not run, is running slow, or is making noise, check for blown fuses.
  3. If jog works, but run does not, check the operation of the top stop limit switch and the pressure switch.

For additional assistance regarding your electric circuit, contact Buz at (614) 850-8940 x112.

Hydraulic Press used to compress material into shape of a mold

Still Need Help?

Phoenix Hydraulic Presses Service Department offers complete parts replacement, troubleshooting, and rebuilding services.  To find out more about the services we offer, place a service call, or order parts, call Buz at (614) 850-8940 x112.

Service and Repair Capabilities

Custom mobile and free standing power units up to 3000 psi.

Hose replacement quarter to inch to two inch hose up to 5000 psi.

Custom hydraulic tube bending.

Cylinder and valve rebuilding.

24 hour emergency service with phone support.

Hydraulic Press rebuilding on site or in house.

Upgrade of electrics, including programing.


Suggestions and Maintenance Kits offered by the Phoenix Hydraulic Presses

Service Department.

We want to keep you running!


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