Why Buy Phoenix

Let us give you a few reasons….
  • Phoenix Hydraulic press frames are engineered with a stress safety factor of 5:1. This assures years of cycles without worries of fatigue factors in the frame. Phoenix Hydraulic Presses are distinguished by their heavy, robust design.
  • All of Phoenix’s hydraulic presses are stress relieved to assure structural integrity.
  • Phoenix Hydraulic Presses and its predecessor PH Hydraulics have been manufacturing customized and standard presses since 1987.
  • Phoenix Hydraulic Presses uses hard tubing wherever possible to reduce the possibility of heat and leak points.
  • Phoenix Hydraulic Presses deflection of .002 inches per foot and a parallelism of .002 inches per foot is the leading standard for hydraulic manufacturers.
  • Not only do we offer 24 hour, seven days a week service help on all of the presses that we have manufactured, but we also offer service help on presses manufactured by our competitors.
  • We use SAE 660 bronze bushings rather than poured bushings found on a lot of our competitor’s presses.
  • Our guide bushings are extra long and in-line bored to assure accuracy. The advantage of our guide bushing design is to reduce platen tilt, which controls platen parallelism to the bed and assures smooth, accurate platen movement.
  • Phoenix Hydraulic Presses uses standard industrial components. Our parts lists carry our vendors’ part numbers so that spare parts can be ordered direct by the OEM.
  • Our craftsmen take pride in the way the press is assembled with ease of maintenance and component protection in mind.
  • Our Quality Start-Up Team thoroughly tests and inspects, mechanically, hydraulically, and electrically, each completed press to ensure conformance to internal and customer specifications.
  • Each press is run for a minimum of eight hours under full load, simulating actual production conditions.
  • Internally, we require an inspection and sign-off from professionals in our sales, engineering, and manufacturing departments before any press is allowed to ship to our customers.
  • Not only are we a manufacturer of quality new hydraulic presses, but we also remanufacture our customer’s existing presses. We offer complete remanufacturing service for our presses and our competitors. We will update hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical controls, and safety features; increase stroke and daylight; replace or add heat exchangers, and guarding, and comes with a new press warranty.
  • We also offer a generous trade-in and repurchase program on our used presses.
  • Phoenix Hydraulic Presses have also demonstrated that they have a high market resale value.

Why buy Phoenix Hydraulic Presses