About Us

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Phoenix Hydraulic Presses, Inc.

Phoenix Hydraulic Presses, Inc. is a hydraulic press manufacturer and supplier that proudly designs and produces top of the line press solutions. Phoenix offers the widest variety of hydraulic presses by any one company. All of the hydraulic presses manufactured by Phoenix include a variety of tonnage of pressing force, and available models range from standard C- Frame presses to highly engineered hydraulic press designs. All Phoenix presses are manufactured with excellence and are designed with heavy duty construction, durable hydraulic components, and sophisticated control systems. Currently, Phoenix employs skilled individuals who continue to focus on advancing the extensive line of hydraulic presses.

Our employees are constantly working to improve the design, functionality, and value of our presses. We can custom design a press to suit your specific needs and even equip your press with turnkey systems including conveyors, robots, pick and place units, bolsters, and rotary tables. Many features that our competitors offer as optional add-ons come standard on our presses, and the parts and materials that make up our presses are of the highest quality. Our engineering, manufacturing, and service personnel
have exceptional experience in the hydraulic press industry.

Our History

Phoenix history dates back to 1987 when Schuler Manufacturing of Germany sold its hydraulic press product line to PH Hydraulics. The product line expanded over the years and all technologies were updated to current standards. The company specialized in designing and building a wide range of custom designed hydraulic presses up to 2,000 tons. They served a variety of industries, including aerospace, agricultural, appliances, automotive, electrical, government, medical, military, and many more.
In November 2003 PH Hydraulic sold its product line to Phoenix Hydraulic Presses, Inc., a company formed by certain key employees of PH Hydraulic. From the beginning, Phoenix has been able to continue the proud reputation of PH Hydraulics. Phoenix has expanded the product line to benefit past customers and an array of new companies both foreign and domestic.

Phoenix Standards

Heavy-Duty Construction

All-steel frame construction; electrically-welded and stress-relieved for maximum strength, rigidity, and stability.

Durable Hydraulic Components

Hard tubing used where possible to reduce heat and leak points; Cylinder, pumps, and valves meet JIC standards.

Advanced Control Circuit

All circuits designed to counteract ram drift; decompression circuit engineered for smooth, shock free operation on pressure reversal or distance reversal applications.

Dual Ergonomic Hand Controls

Dual ergonomic hand controls come standard on all presses to promote operator safety.

Custom Built Hydraulics

Available from 2-2000 tons, engineered specifically for your unique application.