Standard Features of H-Frame Hydraulic Presses

Power Team H-Frame Presses

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1) 2 – 1 safety factor on hydraulic cylinders that meet ASME B30.1 standards. Cylinders are easily removed for other applications. Single or double acting cylinders are available; built in relief valve on double acting cylinders.

2) Full rated capacity across width of upper frame, even with workhead moved to one side. (Heavy-Duty Press only).

3) Larger work area than most competitors’ models.

4) Alignment lever for simple pin replacement after raising or lowering the bed.

5) Close manufacturing tolerance allows even load distribution over four alloy steel pins; not two like some competitors (heavy-duty press only).

6) Open throat® feature on 25 ton press provides additional work area by mounting cylinder on outside for C-Frame advantage.

7) Electric, air, or hand hydraulic pumps are available. All are standard Power Team pumps. CSA Approved electric pumps are standard on all presses. Externally adjustable relief valve for precise operator control of working
pressure is standard on all electric pumps except PE10 and PE17 series.

8) One-Man operation for bed adjustment. Winch unit quickly raises or lowers bed to desired height. Self-locking winch mechanism prevents bed from dropping when handle is released.

9) 3/8” I.D. Hose on spring return cylinders on heavy-duty presses provides up to six times faster cylinder return than standard 1/4” I.D. Hose.

10) Fast cylinder approach to work provided by 2-Speed hand, air or electric pumps.

11) 50% stronger than channel iron. Four post design means open side for easy loading of long material.

12) Frames can be used horizontally for pressing jobs on extra-long shafts.

Note: Certain features do not apply to Power Team 10 ton, Roll-Bed, or economy

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[/span6] [span6] Standard Features of H-Frame Hydraulic Presses

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