Hydraulic Straightening Presses

Custom Hydraulic Presses for Straightening

This massive 200 ton press was built to straighten pipes for a pipe making company located in Southern California. It features an extremely long 22’ table, 18” stroke, and a daylight of 48 inches. The table spans 264” from left to right and 36” front to back. The table features a keyway machined in the table left to right on centerline of the ram.

The cylinder has a 7.25” diameter bore with a 3 ¼-8-x2 ¼” deep internal thread in the cylinder rod. The diameter of the rod is 4.875”. Separate hydraulic controls with push button activation position the jacks at each end of the table. Speed control adjustment is provided by a manual flow control.

Phoenix designs and builds large hydraulic straightening presses with precision control.

A California manufacturer of materials for renewable energy looked to Phoenix Hydraulic Press to design a hydraulic press with highly precise control. The press needed to straighten large diameter stainless steel pipe within a tolerance of .005. Phoenix designed and built the 55 ton straightening press with a 144” table. The hydraulics feature a two speed high output electric pump, four way valve (advance, hold and return) and a 2 ½ “diameter pressure gauge.

The frame has a 55 ton capacity at 10,000 PSI. The stroke of the platen is 12”, daylight is 25”, reach is 15”and height is 110”. The table is 144’ left to right, and 21” front to back. The control is a remote hand control with a rocker style switch that has a momentary advance, spring center hold, and momentary retract with a 10’ cord. The remote control enables the operator to view work from all sides with fingertip control of cylinder piston control.