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200-Ton H-Frame Press, with Hydraulic Cylinder Actuated Bed. Video 2

200-Ton H-Frame Press

We took a standard 200 Ton H-Frame Roll Bed Hydraulic Press and changed the Bed mechanism from a manual operation to a powered operation actuated by a cylinder and separate Power Unit. Brass Rollers were installed which gave our customer the capability to mover over 7,500 pounds under the ram. Phoenix Hydraulic Presses SO# FP0150.

Open Gap Frame (OGF) Hydraulic Press with Dual Shuttle Table, and Two Operator Stations.

Open Gap Frame Hydraulic Press

Open Gap Frame (OGF) Hydraulic Press with a unique Dual Shuttle Table set up with Two Operator Stations., LVDT for Ram Positioning, Three Pressure Transducers, Diagnostic Capability, and Automatic lowering Gates for Safety to begin cycle. Phoenix Hydraulic Presses SO# 30198....
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