Horizontal Press with Tooling
This Open Gap Frame press has among its features a four-post guided tool plate and shuttle table. The press is on the final assembly floor of a major U.S. car manufacturer.
Phoenix bench presses range from 2 to 40 tons. All of our presses can be customized for various options.
High tonnage OGF presses are in assembly. Phoenix has standard OGF Presses up to 200 tons with a full range of options.
Powerful hydraulic system drives four 100 ton presses with a single power unit. Press also features 700F heated platens.

how we can help



Phoenix Hydraulic offers a wide array of new hydraulic presses, both common and unique.

Engineered with a Stress Safety factor of 5:1. Phoenix utilizes hard tubing wherever possible. Standard industrial components are used, making it easy to get spare parts. All presses go through extreme testing and inspections.


Phoenix Hydraulic engineers are proficient with the design and development of custom presses.

We are well known for meeting client’s needs for the creation of customized hydraulic presses. Not only are they functional and advanced, but they feature top quality equipment for ultimate longevity and efficient production.

& reuse

Phoenix Hydraulic will save you the hassle and money of replacing your old press equipment.

We will rebuild or upgrade your hydraulic press, no matter the original make or complexity. Our rebuilt and used presses include bench presses, air presses, and all types of hydraulic press models. Maintenance plans available.

increase productivity

Phoenix Hydraulic will analyze your current setup and devise a plan to increase your efficiency.

Our knowledgeable engineers will review your equipment to determine how it can be improved. We will then create a plan to increase press efficiency and productivity by customizing, rebuilding, or replacing your current setup.

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